Principal Message

Dear Student Teachers,

Welcome to Sagar Ganogotri College of Education, Ullur. I take this opportunity to share our aspirations and goal to educate each and every student and to make their education at Sagar Ganogotri College of Education a memorable one.

The educational system often poses a number of challenges before the teachers. No teacher can survive in this dynamic profession, without equipping himself with a variety of skills & qualities that improves his knowledge, ability & quality.

You have embarked upon the noble profession of teaching at a time when the world is going through rapid and profound economic, social, and political transformations based on the emerging ‘Knowledge Economy,’ a system of creating wealth that depends upon the creation and application of new knowledge. Such new knowledge can only be created by educated people with innovative ideas and skills. Producing such manpower with advanced and innovative knowledge and efficient skills depends upon our education system. This necessitates appropriate changes in all the aspects of education, i.e. aims/goals of education, structures and types of academic institutions, curricula and so on. The responsibility of steering our education system and thereby our nation in this direction rests upon your shoulders.

We offer a wide range of opportunities to choose from, and our highly qualified and experienced staffs are always there to provide guidance and help you in your decisions and plan your future career. We have high expectations of our students and towards this direction all our teachers would definitely work for. We ensure you of friendly and cordial atmosphere. I hope that the teachers will become role models to the future citizens of the country.”

Dr. M. S. Prashanth


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